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Typical Student Responses to the DDC-ADD Course:

...I found the class very insightful and helpful in re-evaluating my behaviors and choices I make while driving.

...This course needs to be at least available to 1st time drivers, if not mandatory.

...The best part of the program was learning that I have a choice, effective or ineffective.  It is up to me.  I also liked all of the group involvement.

...Would recommend for all entering driving age range.

...I think it is good to be challenged to confront yourself and identify the truth and reasons for our being in this situation and how to analyze and correct it.

...Refreshing your mind on issues of driving helps develop alternatives to negative behavior.

...This program should be offered also as a tool for the privilege to drive in any state.

...The class has helped me realize how inexperienced I am at driving. It has helped 

me be a safer driver.