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The State of New Hampshire issues demerit points for motor vehicle violations.

Some common violations and point values:

One Demerit Point

    ~Failure to obtain a New Hampshire Driver's License

Two Demerit Points

    ~Unregistered vehicle

    ~Motorcycle operation without a license

Three Demerit Points

    ~Disobedience to a required traffic control device

    ~Failing to obey stop and yield signs

    ~Speeding at less than 25 MPH above the posted limit

Four Demerit Points

    ~Driving without a license contrary to RSA 263:1

    ~Speeding at 25 MPH or more above the posted limit

    ~Improper passing

    ~Yellow line violation

Six Demerit Points

    ~Driving after revocation or suspension

    ~Disobeying a police officer

    ~Reckless driving

    ~Driving while under the influence of drugs or liquor