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We All Benefit From Defensive Driving


Our defensive driving training sharpens skills and raises awareness of good, safe driving.  Our program is a nationally recognized accident prevention training program and is approved in all fifty states by the National Safety Council. 

Automobile accidents cost Americans more than $170 billion annually.  Every 15 seconds a person is injured on our roadways, and every 13 minutes one of those injured dies.  On average, a single accident costs $15,900.

    ~Driving in the Real World


    ~What Motivates Behavior?

    ~What Do You Know?

    ~Total Behavior

    ~Planning for Change

    ~Driving Choices and Behaviors

    ~Choosing Responsible and Respectful Behaviors



Participants in this course are eligible for a three (3) point reduction on their driving record.  If too many points are accumulated, one could lose their license.  Taking a course may save one's license.  In most instances, taking a defensive driving course does not help lower insurance premiums.  We suggest you check with your insurance company to find out what their policy is.


The course is currently taught in three (3) locations in New Hampshire.