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6 Hours


Effective 12/1/07, RSA 263:56-e was amended to read "a driver attitude program shall follow a course format that contains a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours of instruction."


The DDC-ADD course is a highly effective driver training program.  By emphasizing the connections between behavior, attitude, and driving, the DDC-ADD course enables participants to realize that safe or unsafe driving is the result of each individual's choices.  The course is designed to encourage participants to accept responsibility for their own actions.


The DDC-ADD course reviews and discusses the reasons that participants are taking the course, individual driving behaviors, the difference between needs and wants and how they apply to driving, rules of the road, traffic regulations, and various driving situations.  A primary objective of the course is to encourage the development of individual plans that will improve driving behaviors and, in turn, improve highway safety.


Attendance at this course is open to all.  It is mandated by New Hampshire state law for all habitual offenders.  


Participants in this course are eligible for a three (3) point reduction on their driving record.  If too many points are accumulated, one could lose their license.  Taking a course may save their license.  In most instances, taking a defensive driving course does not help lower insurance premiums.  We suggest you check with your insurance company to find out what their policy is.


The DDC-ADD course is currently taught in three (3) locations in New Hampshire.


FYI:  Taking a point reduction course does not remove three points from your driving record. You get a three-point credit on your driving record. Once a fine has been paid, points for that violation go on your driving record and there is nothing you can do to get them off. They automatically drop off after three years. No matter what you may be told by someone to the contrary, it is not so.